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Electricity is one of the most important components of a functional property - that's why you need a professional, highly qualified local provider like Run Electric, capable of completing even the most difficult installations and repairs in the greater Oroville area safely and effectively.

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Your partner for impeccable electrical work

With a history of providing quality electrical solutions in Oroville, Run Electric is well known as the firm to call when you want the job done right, whether it's a new installation, troubleshooting, or simply professional advice.

In everything we do, Run Electric aims for complete client satisfaction. Whether it's a small retail lighting installation or a full home rewiring job, we bring the same care and attention to detail that's made us a household name in Oroville.

Don't settle for less - call 530-403-8162 for a local, qualified electrician that's ready to do the job right.

Our Services

All Types of Electrical Work

From home appliance installation to new construction wiring, Run Electric does it all. Check out what we do by clicking on our main service areas to the below to learn more.

When it comes to the home, there's no job that Run Electric can't do. We've helped countless homeowners in Oroville just like you that need everything from small outlet repairs to complete electrical system upgrades for older homes. Whatever you need, we'll provide a flawless solution built to last for many years to come.

Any time we visit your Oroville home, we'll take care to make sure you understand every step of the work we're doing, whether it's a ceiling fan installation, wiring up a new home cinema, or adding home automation features. This service-oriented approach combined with transparent and affordable prices is the hallmark of any Run Electric job.

In addition to home electrical installations, our electricians are also able to diagnose and repair residential problems, such as broken outlets, excessive energy consumption, and flickering lights. For all repairs, we'll address the underlying issue for a complete solution instead of an electrical patch job that will need further fixes down the road. The following are a few of our common electrical services for residential customers:
§  Ceiling Fan Installation and Repairing
§  House or Apartment Rewiring
§  Electrical System Upgrades
§  Theater and Home Cinema Wiring
§  Phone Wiring
§  Large Electronics Installation
§  Outlet and Switch Installation
§  General Home Electrical Maintenance
§  Home Automation
§  Alarm System Installation
§  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
§  Main Panel Changes
§  Solar Panels 

When you choose Run Electric, you're choosing Oroville's finest electrician. Call 530-403-8162 to discuss your home's needs.

The bigger your commercial property, the more complicated its electrical system can be. With Run Electric, you have a local partner that understands what your business needs and how to execute electrical work that will not only look great but function flawlessly. All of our services can scale up or down and there's no commercial job too big or small for us to handle. Here are just a few of the many commercial electrical services we provide:
§  Lighting Retrofits
§  Safety Inspections
§  Motion Sensor and Alarm Installation
§  Maintenance Programs
§  Energy Efficiency Upgrades
§  Parking Lot Lighting
§  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
§  Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance
§  Building Automation Control
§  Meter Panel Upgrades
§  Custom Design/Build/Planning Services
§  Power Poles
§  Solar Panels 

For new commercial constructions in Oroville, we're happy to assist with planning and developing an electrical solution built to match your property's exact needs. We've worked with many local construction contractors and they all know Run Electric as the go-to choice when deadlines matter and for quality that is never in question.

One of our strongest assets is our in-depth knowledge of Oroville electrical regulations and delivering electrical solutions that will pass even the most stringent of inspections. We also understand the problems that an electrical issue can create in a commercial setting. As such, our electricians are available for emergency service to get your electricity back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether it's detailed electrical plans for a new construction or an urgent electrical repair, Run Electric is the one to call. Dial 530-403-8162 to speak to one of our professionals.

For residential and commercial clients, much of our work revolves around new installations, whether it's washers and dryers for the home or a piece of industrial equipment for a factory. Regardless of what's being installed or where our certified electricians know how to perfectly evaluate its power needs and make sure the installation is done correctly.

The reason why it's a good idea to leave new installations to the professionals at Run Electric is that an improper installation can lead to many different problems, ranging from excessive energy consumption or appliance failure to an overloaded circuit that can create a dangerous situation. With us, you can be sure that your electrical system is safe and that your investment is completely protected. 

While we are capable of handling nearly any electrical installation, the following are some of our more common requests:
§  Ceiling Fans Installation
§  Washers/Dryers Installation
§  Air Conditioning Units Installation
§  Lighting Fixtures Installation
§  Water Heaters Installation
§  Electrical Heaters Installation
§  Home Technology and Media Devices Installation
§  Home Automation Units Installation
§  Thermostat Controls Installation
§  Surge Protection Installation
§  Workshop Tools Installation 

All of our new electrical installations in Oroville come with the signature Run Electric quality. For the work at hand, we'll always use the highest grade of materials available and you can rest assured that the job site will be clean when we leave, including wall repairs when needed.

Run Electric is a Oroville name you can trust for new installations. Call us today at 530-403-8162.

If you've noticed common problems like power surges, repeatedly tripped breakers, or higher than average electricity bills, there's a good chance that your property needs a professional electrical inspection. Affordable and detail-oriented, Run Electric can provide thorough inspections to discover even the most minute issues that could be causing electrical problems.

While much of our inspection and troubleshooting work involves finding a solution for redundant wiring or overloaded circuits, Run Electric is also available for routine inspections related to commercial safety, home maintenance, and property sales. A clean bill of health from an independent electrician ensures that your property's safety and value are always kept at their utmost potential.

In addition to inspection services, we are also able to troubleshoot any electrical problems you may be having. If you've noticed any of the following, give us a call and we'll schedule a convenient time to come take a look:
§  Flickering Lights
§  Nonworking Outlets or Switches
§  Power Surges
§  Redundant Wiring
§  Overloaded Circuits
§  Popping/Exploding Light Bulbs
§  Fuse and Breaker Issues
§  High Electricity Bills 

Local Oroville businesses are often required to have electrical inspections on a regular basis by a third party. We currently provide this service to many companies in the area and can assist your property stay in compliance with electrical regulations at all times. With our help, you can be sure that there will be no problems the next time the authorities come to your location.

For a qualified electrical inspection from Run Electric, call 530-403-8162 and schedule a visit to your property.

In the past few years, advances in lighting technology have moved at a rapid pace, which is good news for your property. At Run Electric, we pay close attention to the new developments and are perfectly equipped to install state of the art LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and home automation equipment that adjust lighting levels automatically.

The benefit of this new technology is that while initial expenses may be higher, the long term cost is actually much lower. Combined with an expert installation or upgrade from Run Electric, your space will receive quite a few benefits, from better light quality to lowered energy consumption and a first class installation that will stand up for many years to come.

In addition to new lighting fixtures and upgrades, the team of electricians at Run Electric is also available to handle other tasks as well, such as maintenance and repair of outdoor, pool, or parking lot lighting. With access to a wide range of lighting fixture providers, we'll help you find the exact models you need for your home or business. 

Take a look at some of our lighting services:
§  LED Lighting Installation
§  Indoor Lighting Installation
§  Spot Lighting Installation
§  Wall Lighting Installation
§  Ceiling Lighting Installation
§  Outdoor Lighting Installation
§  Parking Lot Lighting Installation
§  Motion Sensor Lighting Installation
§  Pool Lighting Installation
§  Energy Efficient Lighting Installation
§  Existing Lighting Maintenance and Repair 

Call 530-403-8162 to talk to a qualified Run Electric and bring new light to your Oroville location.

What happens when your Oroville home loses power? Do you frantically search for candles or are you protected with a standby generator? If your answer is the former, a generator purchase may be an idea to consider. Run Electric can walk you through the process, advising the right models for your particular situation, and providing maintenance and installation after the purchase has been made. A generator doesn't only deliver power - it delivers the sense of security and protection that comes with knowing you'll never need to worry about the power going out again.

  • Generator Installation
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Generator Repair
  • Commercial Generators
  • Portable Generators

If you already have a generator, but it's not performing correctly, our repair service will be much cheaper than buying a new unit. Loud noises, inconsistent power delivery, or shutting off for no reason are all reasons that you might need a generator repair. We have experience working on a wide variety of makes and models, including popular versions from Briggs and Stratton, Honeywell, Generac, GE, and many others.

Generators are an excellent choice for property owners that want to be covered in the case of a blackout and Run Electric can help you with all of your generator service needs. Call us today for more information.

We install and service Power Poles and temporary power poles. Give us a call today.

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